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Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Jenny, a mama of 2 and a photographer.

I am a creative dreamer with a love for touching other's hearts with my work, for having deep belly laughs (which usually leads to a snort), spending lazy mornings with my serendipity (aka Brad), discovering new coffee shops, and of course road trips....not necessarily in that order.

I am in this beautiful industry with nearly 20 years experience (did I just age  After managing a high volume studio and traveling to train throughout the Midwest for 10 years, I stepped away from working for somebody else....I opened my own studio.  And it was the best decision I ever made.  Which brings me to today, and what my goal always is and always has been.  To capture moments for you that will turn into memories.  Until you look at that photo and remember it as if you were there again.  That's what's so magical about photography....moments are never forgotten.




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