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children & family photography {parkersburg, iowa}

Summer is nearing an end but I am so ready for the fall.  Ready for the sweaters and boots weather…YES!  This also means that my crazy Christmas season is in gear!  So I thought I better get my butt in gear and post some of what my summer entailed at the studio……

One of the sweetest and full of character little red heads I’ve ever met!

Hard to decide which ones to post from this session.  LOVE the colors!!!!

This little Genna…stole my heart the first moment I met her!  From the tub ones I posted, you can’t tell that she REALLY didn’t like being in the bubbles.  But oh….that SWIMSUIT!!!!!

Miss Ayla turned ONE!!!  I just love when they are just getting used to walking.  New little feet to them….makes me giggle…especially when you have cute shoes to match;)

And this family is nearly straight out of a magazine!  Love the playground idea!


Thank you so much for visiting....Jenny
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Senior Photographer | Parkersburg, Iowa | forever, now….

My these last few weeks have slipped by!  I have been spending as much time with my kiddos before school started.  What a wonderful summer we had, and I say it every year….this summer went so fast!  Now that they are both in school full time, one in kindergarten and one in 3rd grade, seems so unreal to me.  I was able to spend more time with them this summer (which really wasn’t planned).  We went down to having just my in laws taking care of them 2 days a week.  The rest of the week, my husband and I worked it out.  NO DAYCARE!  At first I panicked but as time went on I realized this may have been just what I needed.  I won’t get these precious moments back of my children growing up.  It was absolutely, wonderfully fulfilling and I feel very blessed that I was able to do so.  Now…. I need to catch up on blogging but I don’t want to flood my blog with posts all at once.  Because I want to also post others that I took this summer that were done before I had my blog.  So for now, you get some senior time…..

This is me AFTER I shot those awesome pictures above. So not out of the norm….

Thank you so much for visiting....Jenny
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